Purchase of Image License

The license to use images can be purchased on a 'per use' basis. Image license fees vary depending on the type of use, the number of images used, distribution, size and placement of the published image(s). There is no obligation to purchase if we do not have an image that meets your needs. A wide selection of images are available; only a small subset are shown on this website. Please feel free to contact us to preview more images if you are unable to find an image that meets your needs.

How to Purchase an Image

Select the image(s) you want to purchase from the online galleries pages. Note the image name (at the bottom of each picture) and email us with your request including the names of the images you've selected. We will contact you directly to negotiate pricing and determine use specifications. Upon purchase, high-resolution files of each purchased image will be uploaded to our Corporate FTP Site. Once your images are available we will notify you with a login ID/password and send you an invoice stipulating the terms of agreement and the agreed-upon rate.